Thornycroft 40' Coastal Motor Boat (CMB)

Somehow, I don't know how or why, a shape appeared in my mind and gradually crystallised over the years. I studied seaplane floats and thought that was it. But the illusory shape only snapped into reality when I saw photos of a Thornycroft 40' Coastal Motor Boat.

As a keen modeller, I just had to try building one. But there was no kit of this boat anywhere in the world. If I wanted this beautiful shape on my mantelpiece, it would have to be built from scratch. Scratch-building is the most challenging kind of model-making. There are no materials, no instructions, no handy book of photos to follow, just a plan on a sheet of paper, and your ingenuity and patience.  In short, this is not a project for the novice but a guide for the brave!

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Acknowledgement: I'm indebted to Les Brown, archivist at Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Ltd, for his information which got the project started.