Cockpit furniture


These items are relatively simple to make. However some of them are tricky to fit as there are no obvious mounting points.



This is a simple cylinder of wood, with slightly rounded ends, turned on a lathe.












I changed the colour from black to gold because when the black version was tested under the bench seat it was invisible.

The brass hoops and filler cap were from other model boat fittings I had in stock.


This is easy to make from strips of mahogany. However, pay careful attention to the length and angles of the ends, because it has to fit in exact position just above the fuel tank and under the front of the torpedo trough. The ends are glued under the planking alongside the cockpit.

Test fit the fuel tank and bench frequently during assembly because there's no room for errors. I fitted the bench first, then slid the fuel tank underneath.


This is easy to make from two small pieces of mahogany sheet, but the plans don't explain how it's attached. The only way I could match the plan and elevation was to cut away part of the bench's front slat and glue it there.


Similar in construction to the bench, this will be glued to the cockpit floor. However, make the port exhaust pipe and test fit it with the footrest before gluing anything.


I had no photos of these being made, so here's one of the cockpit half-finished which is probably more useful.

The chart table is the larger of the two pieces; both are easy to make from mahogany sheet and glued edge to edge. However there's nothing to fix them to, so I carefully cut away the top left corner of the table until they fitted neatly under the deck at the correct height and angle.

The front ends of the exhaust pipes have to locate somewhere, so I made a 'dummy rear' for the engine from a small block of wood. The top corners are rounded, and short holes drilled to take the exhaust pipe on each side.

It's worth making the exhaust pipes now, from curved brass tube, as they follow a tricky route, especially the port one as it has to pass under the driver's footrest.

I also made a 'transmission tunnel' (not in the plans) from a section of plastic pipe cut at an angle. A slot in this provides a place to fit the gear lever, made from brass strip, next to the chart table. See it here.


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